Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walking Around Campus

I walked around with Sheppy today. He has a sprained ankle but he was up for an adventure.
We started making our way to Telegraph to see if there was anything interesting going on...but with it being spring break, everything was pretty quiet. Today I paid more attention to graffiti and I came to realize that there's a ton of random crap everywhere you turn...

From the not-so-artistic scribbles:

to some wanna-be Banksy stuff:

We decided to go to the top of the Unit 3 parking structure to see if we could look down on any interesting scenes... I think there's a lot of potential for some cool tilt-shift style photos from the top of the parking structure... we'll have to wait till more students return...

Then we made our way to campus:

Sather gate is almost completely back:

I asked some people if I could take their portraits.

^You should see the full size of this one at

All in all it was fun. We went to a Jamaican Restaurant for dinner...
Go Bears!

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