Saturday, March 14, 2009

San Francisco Bike Safari

aka. Hipster photo-hunting. aka The quest for the Chrome Bag Store.

Today Sheppy and I took a bike trip to SF to take pictures of all things hip (including hipsters).

We began our ride at the Embarcadero BART station and rode to the Ferry Building to check out the Farmer's Market. Along the way Sheppy was doing his impersonations of Hipsters and Fixie Culture with his nice road bike.

When we got to the Ferry Building market thing, I came across some pretty chard. There's a lot of potential at the market for pretty pictures... I think one of these days I must check out the Berkeley Farmer's Market (both the Shattuck one and the other one next to the BART Station/Post Office)

A girl who was with her boyfriend saw my hand-painted shoes and told me she liked em... I think he was jealous and he wanted a pair too:

I also decided to take a shot of my bike, since it's completely assembled now. It's a Nishiki Custom Sport, circa 70's/80's

We rode on to Pier 39 to see if there were any Sea Lions around. There were many more out on the docks, compared to Valentines Day when Krissy & I went.

Smelly little sausages:

We rode on up to Lombard Street to ride down the crookedest street, as well as to tackle the hill that leads up to it.

We were already in the right neighborhood for Coit Tower, so we rode up to the top of Coit Tower:

I saw a datum thingy, so I took a picture of it. Krissy & friends like datum points for surveys. This one didn't say USGS, but I'm assuming that U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey markers have lots of data recorded too...

We then made it down to Broadway, where the kinky stuff happens:

Passing by the Transamerica Pyramid, I took my last picture of the day:

We wanted to find the Chrome Messenger Bag store, but we couldn't find it.
We tried calling 1-800-GOOG-411 for Google's 411... It told us that the Chrome store was on 580 Fourth Street... But we rode past this stupid place at least 3 times, and we didn't even see it... I distinctly remember passing by the Bamboo Reef Dive shop, but wtf... Where's Chrome? Where are the Hipsters?

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*sigh*... Their store page even says 580 4th street... Maybe that Dark Building with Red Trim was the store :( The Paper was still covering up the window and it looked empty...

What to do? Next time we can try again...

For more pictures and full-size versions, see My Picasa.

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Joshua Kwan said...

I live like 4 blocks from the Chrome store now! 5th/Harrison