Saturday, March 28, 2009

California Academy of Sciences -- Nightlife

Thursday Night Nightlife at the Academy of Sciences (
It's a wonderful event for the 21 & Over... for $10 you get to run around the academy of sciences while consuming alcohol... and the best part, there aren't any little kids!

I'll be going again for sure... Most important lens to bring = Macro. (Unless you're also interested in taking pics of the architecture...) I was just focusing in on the little guys when I went.

Here's what I got...
A frog hiding from the 21&over crowd:
A pretty pair of butterflies:
A butterfly working off the extra nectar that it ate:
A frog that you shouldn't lick:
A butterfly and its potential meal:
Albino Alligator
And last but not least, and Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

The 'new' California Academy of Sciences is awesome. For only $10 on Thursday nights (and, I believe, $8 if you already have membership), it's definitely worth it.

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