Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pacific Coast Air Museum

For $5 you can hang out at the Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa :) It's right next to the Charles Schultz Airport (airport code STS, You can fly to Portland, Seattle, or LA). Also, they do air shows there every year in August :)

You can see an actual F-14 from the movie Top Gun. They said the serial number checks out so I'll take their word for it:

I didn't know that the F-5 was actually used to simulate MIGs at Top Gun... Now it makes more sense that they used em in the movie as "MIGs"

They have old planes... lots of old planes:



Even a Harrier!

I think it's pretty cool that all these Jets are just sitting around in a field in Santa Rosa... Of course, no Santa Rosa attraction is complete without Snoopy stuff:

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